February 21, 2012

Our Wedding, Part 2: The Ceremony

The most important, memorable part of our day. There were a few little gliches; the tide being too high to set up earlier in the morning, the bride being late (but that's nothing new with me..) and the groom having an accident a few days before the wedding (if you're wondering about the scar on his face) but I figure all these little quirks made the day extra memorable!

It was a relaxing, fun afternoon full of sun, sand, beachy music, special people.. and love of course!

My boys

Dad and I
My beautiful bridesmaids and flowergirl

The vows

"To sandy toes and salty kisses" a toast from Luke's sisters

Rice and petals being thrown

All the guests

Us and our posse

The boy's cuff links, Luke got them each a different pair

Photo credit: The amazingly talented Stacey Milich

Read more about our wedding here!


  1. You look absolutely ***stunning*** your dress (and your hair!) is gorgeous, my goodness, what a beautiful bride! Congratulations and best to you both. A wonderful future awaits! :)

  2. beautiful - I love all the thought that has gone into the little things.

    Hope you don't mind an influx of my friends all joining your facebook page - seems like only yesterday you started your blog - amazing how things change when life gets in the way. Well done :)


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