February 19, 2012

Our Wedding, Part 1: The little details

I've been trying to post these for ages, but my computer didn't want to co-operate! Fickle technology *sigh*
But my laptops in a good mood today, so here goes..

It was such a wonderful sunny day (we thought getting married mid-Jan would be pretty safe, but the weather really did keep us guessing!) and lots of beautiful memories were made that we'll treasure forever!

Our wedding was a DIY one, which made the lead-up all the more fun (and stressful! haha). Thankfully we have some incredibly helpful and talented friends and family members!

Here are some of my favourite little details of the day.

Photo credit: Stacey Milich, we were totally wowed when we saw the photos, she did an incredible job don't ya think! :)

Tonnes of strung tissue pom-poms

The ceremony programmes
(perfect for fanning yourself on a hot day)

Envelopes filled with petals and rice..
"When the newleyweds walk your way, toss these petals and yell "Hooray!"

My floral wreath

One of our signs directing guests

Oh how I love sunflowers!

Buttonholes, thanks to one of my lovely sis-in-laws

The ceremony spot, on my favourite beach in the world, Rarawa

A whole lot of hand sewn bunting...
(I'm glad the sewing part's over!)

Our rings

The sandcastle cake, made by my awesome Mum!
 And boy did it taste good!
I'll be back with more pics of our ceremony and reception (there's far too many for one post!)

Read more about our wedding here!


  1. So beautiful... so so beautiful.
    I love every little detail,so much love,and crafty handmade-ness!! love love love

  2. amazing amazing amazing!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!

  3. Wow so wonderful, Congratulations firstly and im glad the sun came out to add to all that gorgeous yellow :) That cake is absolutely fantastic and great pics to capture your day through all the part 1 - part all.


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