September 21, 2010

Reece monkey takes flight...

Reece had his first trip on a plane today- up north to visit his Nana J, Poppa and Uncle Rickster. He was remarkably well behaved, I was worried he would decide that a plane that resembled a flying mini van (it was sooo tiny!) would be the perfect place to test out that voice and those lungs of his. He slept most of the way then woke up as we headed back down, smiling like crazy as we bumped along.I wonder if I should be worried- he's only three months and already enjoys travelling at speed!

After a morning of being proudly shown off by his Nana and Poppa, Reece lightening is having a big ol sleep. I can't believe how tiny he looks in the portacot! Bringing my little man to the home I grew up in is such a lovely feeling :)


  1. i bet it does feel good!! thats like me,we now own and live in the home i grew up in and now its Cam's home! wow!

  2. Thats so cool!Having childhood memories and making memories for Cam in the same house :)


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