September 22, 2010

I *heart* childrens books!

Whenever I'm back at Mum and Dads I find myself looking all round the house, checking out whats changed. I'm nosey like that. And it's been awhile since I've been up (didn't really feel like travelling for 5 hours while 9 months pregnant and feeling like a Walrus!) so there are a lot of changes. Like this really pretty vase I'm eyeing up as I type...if you're reading this mum, If it disappears I swear it wasn't me!... Anyway, while browsing through the house I went into my old room and came across my old bookshelf filled with some of my old books.

My writing's a wee bit tidier these days!

I love little golden books!

And Mr Men, although I obviously didn't learn my lesson from "Mr Nosey" haha

My favourite rhyming books!

And my FAVOURITE childrens book ever! You can tell, it's falling apart!

Have you read it? It's about a teddy bear whose squeak doesn't work and sets off on a journey to fix it. I think it was the fact that on the last page you could press his tummy and it squeeked was what sold me on it though!

Needless to say, Reece has had lots of storytime since I came across these!


  1. Yes, my baby girl, i enjoyed the children's books i used to read you too! Especially "Threadbear" and "The Best Nest". Slinky Malinki & Hairy MacLeary wre so much fun too......where has the time gone??!
    Dad xoxo

  2. Definitely one of the best things about being a parent is reading children's books! I love them too. It's extra special to read a book to your child that was a favourite from your own childhood. I was a big Mr Man fan :)


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