January 30, 2013

Most wanted: School inspired stationery

1.Printed ruler tape by pilosale | 2. Letterpress cross stitch notebooks by Pistachio Press | 3. 50 Assorted Library Cards by Knot and Bow | 4. Paper geek pinback buttons by Hunters Hideaway | 5. Lined paper ipad case by Pilosale | 6. Brownstone journal by Igloo Letterpress | 7. Embroidered gift tags by pilosale

It's that back to school time of year.

I always loved getting new stationery at the start of the school year. Writing on the first page of crisp new books with new pens and sharp pencils. I'd always try to write extra neatly, until I made my first spelling mistake or something and then it was back to my messy scrawl.

It's been a long while since I've had to buy any for school, but I still love stocking up on stationery at this time of year, probably because of the sales! ha! 

(As I'm writing this I have the old duraseal jingle in my head -the back to school with books so cool one- . How is it that I can remember all of the words to an old ad but am constantly forgetting where I've put my coffee mug?!!)

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