February 15, 2011

Searching for inspiration...

I'm in the middle of a creative block. Arggghh.
It's not a shortage of ideas thats the problem though, it's the designing part.
I've tried to push on through it but I just end up all frustrated.
I've decided that maybe a creative block is my brains way of saying I need a break.
So... I decided to play around with the design of my blog today.
And I've decided that I should probably post more often. And make this blog a more inspiring place for me to visit, especially on days like this.
So... stay tuned.

(and hopefully i'll have more iDear's to show you soon!)

I love this print! I wish i'd thought of it!
from Oh louise

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  1. Love the new design! Here's to finding inspiration again (lost mine too...)!


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