October 11, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

Get baking!

The lemon tree in our back yard is super laden with fruit at the moment and yesterday I finally gave into Luke's hints ("Wow, that tree has so many lemons, it's a pity they're all going to waste", "All those lemons are falling off and just rotting", "I put some lemons in the fruit bowl" and the most *ahem* subtle one yet... "I think you should bake something lemonish").

I've been making regular batches of yummy crunchy lemon muffins and attempted lemon meringue pies but I thought it was time to try something different (and something that didn't involve whipping eggs whites for hours with a fork since we don't have a beater!)


Lemon Tart Slice
It has a crisp base with a yummy gooey lemon layer!

 Lemon Curd
Although it took FAR too long to thicken, I'm not a very patient cook.

And I just had to show you these little beauties, made by my lovely friend Jane for a BBQ we had last week. I think she called them "Sweetie Treaties" I just love how crazy they look when they're poked into an orange!


  1. nom, nom, nom, nom. Ok, now I'm hungry. Want a neat li'l lemony pud recipe?? This weekend when you come up north, we'll make a "Spesh dish" (now say it like Jo Seagar does!). It's called 'Lemon Sponge Pudding'....MMMmmmmm,MMMmmmm! Okay, i haven't tried it yet, but as long as you can separate 2 eggs (hey, you egg! get over there! And as for your friend, you can sit over here!)...seriously now...as long as you can seperate 2 eggs, the rest is easy-peasy- 'L' Word -Squeezy! Then next week you can add the recipe to your Blog = )


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