October 19, 2010

This tuesday I'm loving...

My inspiration board!

I've been meaning to make one for awhile to help me on those "murrr" days where my motivation and creativity are a bit lacking. For those who know me, yes it does look familiar, it's that bit of canvas I covered in paper to try distract from those terrible yellow walls at my old place!

And how could I talk about things I love without mentioning the little guy?! Reece is now laughing! Okay he's only done it twice but it TOTALLY counts! And both times were at me! Poor Lukey! lol. So I know there's at least one (little) person in this world who thinks I'm funny. That is until he's about thirteen and I'm just embarrasing! heh heh

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  1. Wow....when did you do the latest makeover on the blog? Very cool. oh, btw, that leaf looks verrry familiar!


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