October 25, 2010

The Staycation

Our plans to head north for labour weekend fell through and as disappointed as we were we decided to think positive and have a "staycation" in Auckland instead.

We went to the Parnell craft market where I got this little guy...

Enjoyed the sunshine at various parks
(Reece monkey was clearly not impressed with the lady taking this photo...)

Checked out the Museum...

 and had a nice picnic on the beach

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Good grief! What are you feeding the Reece-meister? He's grown HUGE since we saw him last!
    Hey, I imagine that 'Georgie Pie' pie was in the museum?! UMMmmmmmm?!!! nom, nom, nom.... ahhh...do you remember Georgie Pie, ma li'l baby-gurrrl? It was so wierd...."Hi, can I have a pie please?....oh, and for dessert I'll haaave...ahhhh...mmmmm...let me see...ummm, yeah, for dessert I'll have a pie"
    Tell Luke I've got a nice wild pork roast in the freezer for him - ready for the rotisserie on tha BarrrBeee when you're up here next =) xo Daddus.


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