October 15, 2010

Pretty Twist-tie Tutorial

A while ago I was inspired to make some pretty tape by this lovely lady's tutorial. Instead of using fabric I used paper (as I just so happen to have a lot of it lying around!). Today I needed to tie something up for a gift, so decided to use my tape to make a nice looking twist tie!

To make these pretty twist ties you need:

2 pieces (or 1 piece cut in half) of Pretty tape
1 twist tie or a piece of easy to bend wire
Scissors if your tape needs trimming

(Some yummy black tea with a hint of citrus I made today)


  1. very cute!! what a great idea.

  2. You MADE tea? Coming over. Soon.

  3. Hey there, moooocho coolio! I'm not really into herbal tea,, but i'll give it a shot! Oh, and of course, the ties are an awesum idea....or should i say iDear =)


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