September 8, 2010

A new iDear, ?

Hello and Happy Wednesday! The sun is actually shining in Auckland today so this is just a quick post before I go to make the most of it!

The other day I had an idea - why not make paper fortune cookies wishing people goodluck as part of my paper goods range?! I thought it was great... that is until I showed Luke the prototype and he seemed disapointed that it wasn't an actual cookie (he thinks with his stomach that boy!). So then i started doubting it, he didn't get the point of it so would others? Does it only make sense in my head? Is it even a good idea?
So now I'm asking for your opinion. What do you think? Is it a half pie decent idea or should I just scrap it all together and go make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Luke instead? I'd love your feedback!

(Sorry to bombard you with so many questions in such a small post! :) )

The paper fortune cookie and its matching card
The cookie in question
The fortune cookie opened up...


  1. so cute, they would be awesome to have on wedding tables as thankyous to all attending, or you could make kid versions for childrens paries with lil thankyou notes in them, or spot prizes. Super cool :)

  2. Mmmmmmm half pie.... oh, I mean Chocolate chip cookies, whoops I mean Fortune Cookies :-)

    I love the idea - tell Luke he missed the point and make some more!! Anything 3D and interactive is super cool....

  3. Thanks guys! It's good to know it makes sense somewhere other than my head! :)

  4. Great idea. Very clever and way cool! You could do little bags of them too. Great little sumthin' different for valentines day, anniversarys etc.


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