September 15, 2010

A few new cards!

After spending most of my day battling with my printer I finally have a few new cards to show you! I think I might find a project that doesn't require me needing to print anything for the rest of the week because I'm not exactly on good terms with ol canon pixma at the moment!

On another note, if you haven't already, head over to felt aid and check out all the neat stuff they've got for sale. All proceeds go to the Red Cross to help out those affected by the Christchurch earthquake so you can get yourself something awesome, help out others and maybe even get a bit of good karma sent you way! I've donated a pack of greeting cards :)

A birthday card... convienently just in time for Lukes birthday...

And I think this one speaks for itself...



  1. Ha! I never thought I would smile at a sympathy card! Love all the new additions to your range of cards. Keep the great "iDear's" coming = )

  2. I am smiling, such cool words, cheers Marie


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