September 3, 2010

Felt like...opening up shop.

I don't know about you but I love to browse through felt looking at all the gourgeous things for sale and thinking "I wish I'd thought of that!". So I'm super excited to announce that I've finally opened up my own felt store. You can check it out here or click on the felt icon on the right of my page :)

Speaking of things I wish i'd thought of, how cool is this?! Yes, I find moustaches hillarious.

If magnet moustaches are your thing too check out the small object's store here

Happy Friday!


  1. So cool to hear your goodies have hit the market! Be in quick everyone! Be some of the very first to share the quirky creative coolness that is iDear!! By the way, gosh, why didn't i think of magnetic moustaches?? What a great idea! Even transformers could wear them...."hey, if it weren't for that cool moustache, I could have sworn you looked like Megatron" =)

  2. Hey Ali - thanks for your comment, I can't find an email for you. Good on you for opening a felt store - should be some good sales coming up to Xmas. What part of Waitakere are you? I'm thinking, once the weather warms up, of holding a crafternoon tea if you'd be interested. There are a few bloggers I've come to know around this area.


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