August 30, 2010

Markets, Moustaches and Mousse... The weekend that was.

Wow that weekend flew by. Not that there's that much of a difference between weeks and weekends for me, there's just one extra person home... and markets and craft fairs to visit!

So off Reece lightening and I went to hunt down the Henderson markets. After realising that the pram was in the car and the car was with Luke in St Lukes (heh heh) I had no option but to pop Reece in his sling for the first time. After a very long walk, and a slightly sore shoulder, we ended up in the Henderson industrial zone. The markets were nowhere to be seen, but Reece looked super cute in his sling!

Slightly disappointed that I didn't get to see stalls full of crafty goodies and yummy things I decided to head home and make my own sweet treat...chocolate mousse!

I couldn't resist decorating them!

I didn't have any whipped cream but found a recipe that didn't need one, it wasn't as light and fluffy as I usually like my mousse, more syrupy but still extra tasty and oh so easy. If syrupy mousse is your thing, here's the recipe:

250g chocolate
4 eggs (seperated)
65g butter
1T sugar
1T instant coffee

Melt chocolate, add butter, coffee and yolks.
Whip whites, add sugar, fold into chocolate mix. Flecks of white are okay.
Sppon into cups and pop in the fridge.

I was hoping to check out Kraftbomb on Sunday, but the morning disappeared on us. Instead we decided to go for a Sunday drive to South Auckland to pick up a playmat for Reece and get something yummy to eat. We ended up at a little cafe called Brick by Brick and I had an amazing panini- pumpkin and feta! My new favourite flavour combination! Mmmm-mmm-mmmm.

We then grabbed some cheesecake from a shop conviently located by our car and headed up to One Tree Hill (or none tree hill!) to eat it. I was soo excited to see little lambies!! Spring is in the air!

Sunday night consisted of a BBQ and a packet of moustaches... Check out our new fave family photo...

All that facial hair gave me an idea for a card for Lukes first Fathers Day. Stay tuned!
Speaking of cards, I've finally got a new printer so hopefully i'll be able to show you some of my cards soon!

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  1. Moustaches, Moose-Mousses and Reeces - sooo cute!!!

    Can't wait to see some of your creative creations :-)


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